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Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards​​
Leadership Book by Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards
Motivational Speaker and Author
Sally Edwards
Laughter and the Workplace
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Leadership and Laughter

​Sally Edwards knows empowerment and positive living!  As founder of the ​Motivational Speakers Chicago, Sally Edwards has a passion for inspiring her audiences.  A corporate talent, Sally Edwards delivers a dynamic presentation on ​leadership and laughter in the workplace.

With over 25 years of professional comedy experience, ​Sally Edwards knows the value of laughter and empowerment.

"Laughter is a great motivator.  Laughter boosts energy, relieves boredom and improves focus.  What a great tool for the business environment.  It cannot be understated."

​Sally Edwards ​began her speaking experience as a young student of Chicago's "Second City" - home of improvisational training.  She went on to perform as a solo act in comedy making appearances on both Showtime and the Arts and Entertainment networks.  Her one-woman show attracted enthusiastic crowds at Chicago's "Victory Gardens Theater."

Sally Edwards now offers an engaging and exciting presentation about leadership and the benefits of laughter in the workplace.  Her latest book "The Ten Secrets of Enhanced Leadership and and Positive Living" is available on

Ten Secrets to Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living​​

Now Available!  Five Stars on Amazon!

Ten Secrets to Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living

"... an amazing book of inspiration and positive life tools!"

A Presentation That Inspires

Sally Edwards is a Keynote Speaker and Author
Who Will Excite You and Drive You to Achieve Your Goals
A "Must-See" Presentation
  1. Leadership, Positivity Speaker
    An All-Inclusive Event
    Engaging and Informative Speaker
    A Presentation that Motivates
  2. leadership speaker sally edwards, motivational, keynote, positive living
    Keynote Speaker Sally Edwards
    Leadership; Positivity
    Author of "The Ten Secrets of Leadership and Positive Living"
  3. keynote speaker, author, motivation, leadership
    Educational and Fun
    "Keep Reaching for Your New Beginnings"
Leadership Speaker Sally Edwards
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Leadership Speaker, Humorist and Author

​Sally Edwards - A woman of many talents -
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